River Flow – Grace Pending

River Flow – Grace Pending


A river’s instinctual compulsion is to seek relief through movement, a framework that often culminates in some final and perhaps noble act of understated self-emptying.

In ways that only superficially matter, our lives seemingly have much in common with this quest for constant diversion. Sometimes, momentary relief can be found through harmless psychological or physical distractions. But too many of us become easily fixated upon the ugliest forms of human behavior – whether our own or those of others. And our simmering contempt quickly turns abusive if not outright self-destructive.

We may indeed find movement. But unlike that inexorable river flow, ours is almost always towards the things that are smaller, subordinate, more divisive.

In the end, we mostly turn inward. Back towards the governing self.

But it needn’t always end that way.


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Image Credit: Pixabay


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