An Epistle in Light of Liberty


An Epistle in Light of Liberty
My Dear Fulton,
I was rather unsurprised, those years ago, when I discovered the truth of the facts behind your charismatic and award winning television personality. What else but that which is so often restated (and, therefore, so often taken for granted) could lay behind the brilliance of your oratory? Recorded at the end of an era of great orators, what do we hear from you, but the brilliance of light itself? Who else but light could be behind your description of arriving to the revelation? The culmination of your studies and writing at the Louvain? You were not greeted by the faculty reception to anything but a champagne celebration: the honor above and beyond the institutions conferral of the Doctoral rights and privileges, the Agrege en Philosophie avec la Plus Grande Distinction, which received its recipients without delay into the University’s list of faculty…the 13th recipient of the distinction in the 31 years since its establishment, there having been precisely 12 preceding you.
Since that reception, not a few souls have been impacted by your orations, be they from the pulpit or the radio, or then, within the century of the harnesing of the light emissions of the, to-date, still mysterious electron itself, your orations upon the television. In that explosive century of the light of man, in the wrestling against the pride of scientific progress, so apathetically and yet commonly decried for its overcoming the fortitude of human liberties, there were not one but two Emmys Awarded to you for Most Outstanding Television Personality. Despite such dignities, you remained ever so vigilant at decrying the dangers of pride as though reminding your audience of such objectively moral vices were all you needed to remind yourself of He to Whom you are subject

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