Armistice Day Centenary [rev. 11-13-2018; 3rd attempt]


Armistice Day Centenary
One hundred years ago, anno Domini MCMXVIII, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the declaration of cease-fire and signing of the terms of Armistice to initiate the talks that would become the Treaty of Versailles ended the global upheaval of the Great War.
President Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Point Plan, proposed the January prior, included pleas addressed to the “Heads of the Belligerent Peoples” by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XV, of happy memory, in the Peace Letter of the 1st day of August, A.D. MCMXVII. Therein was contained a plea on behalf of the noble historical traditions and sufferings of the peoples of Armenia, the Balkans, and the ancient territories of the Kingdom of Poland

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