Deeply Divided


Fundamentally sound, devastatingly unhinged
The space we inhabit feels ever more divided, as if we are engaged in a war between irreconcilable extremes, on the cusp of wholesale destruction.
Fundamentally sound, devastatingly unhinged
Morning reminds us that new beginnings are possible no matter where we might have landed or how we’ve taken root.
But the night always subjects us to its own consequences, reminding us of a mourning yet neither perfect nor wholly acquitted.
Fundamentally sound, devastatingly unhinged
Even love sometimes feels the same.
Copyright 2018
Image Credit: Pixabay

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Tom Zampino is an attorney in private practice in New York City who makes his home on Long Island. He and his beautiful and accomplished wife have raised two fantastic daughters, four cats, two dogs, and various other domesticated creatures over the past three decades. He formerly blogged at the Catholic Channel at Patheos.


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