A Familiar and Kindly Office


A Familiar and Kindly Office
A Bishop from another region visited out here a while back to give a lecture that I attended. At a gathering afterward someone asked him about his ring. He explained that it had been his father’s before his passing and he now wears it as his episcopal ring. The spiritual significance of the ring and the familiar and kindly role of his office as a father of souls–of a family of kin–were not lost as I stood there staring at his hand when he gave a blessing to end the gathering.
More and more through the years as I’ve prayed over the memories of unrestful wounds and mistrust about my father, I can say, in good faith and with a trust learned only from He alone who is trustworthy, that He has made me more and more fortified with the edification and confidence that comes from the intercession of Saint Joseph and that way in which Saint Francis came to truely be able to call God in Heaven his Father

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