Informed Consent


Informed Consent
A thorough study of the history of the Church and the lives of those Saints whom the Divine Physician calls up from amid the flock to heal age upon age of crisis, one would, quite reasonably, need to hope for a cruel and horrific death for the sake of the glory of Christ’s Cross in order to freely and truly respond to a vocation.
Our age is no different.
Given the revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Passion, the necessity of death along the way of hope for new life in Him, a journey in preparation of being wed to the sacrificed Paschal Lamb, such a hope for one’s demise as an antidote in like manner as that of the Divine Physician’s, the Suffering Servant for whom one’s joy is to serve through like suffering, becomes both the test of one’s faith and the perpetually dawning triumph of the Faith of God’s Church.

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