The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.10.2


Well, well, well. We made it to Friday! The end of a long horrid week. And while one post can’t make a real difference with respect to the big picture, we hope our Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.10.2, might offer a brief bright moment in your day. It’s the least we can do.

And if you stick til the end of this week’s compilation – which starts with a fantastic homily by Fr Philip Neri Powell (a fave blogging priest for many a year) – you’ll discover why Swiss cheese has holes. You can’t find any other Catholic site imparting that sort of arcane knowledge – we looked, and we couldn’t. But linking to stuff like that is kinda how we roll.

In between, you’ll find stories of incredible kindness and bravery, uplifting articles centered on the Catholic faith, and current events from around the world. We searched wide and far for inspiring bits and pieces focusing on the Good, True, Beautiful and Slightly Whimsical.

Let us know what you think of this week’s list. We hope it lifts your spirits, if even for a little while.

How Great Is Your Faith? – Fr Philip Neri Powell, OP, Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!

When No-one Shows Up for 4-Yar-Old’s Birthday, Chuck E. Cheese Employees Buy Him PresentsInside Edition

“”The day he came back in, seeing the smile on his face was everything I wanted,” Inzinna said. “I had one goal that day and my goal was to make sure that he left happy. And he left going, ‘Oh my God, Mom, this is the best day ever.”’

80-Year-Old Man Rescues Drowning Boy only to Find Out That He Saved the Kid’s Father 30 Years Earlier – McKinley Corbley Good News Network

“Without hesitating, Xu jumped into the river and pulled the boy to safety. When Xu later stopped by the hospital to make sure that the boy was okay, he discovered that he knew the boy’s father as well.”

Is Our Relationship to Jesus Personal or Intimate? – Betty Parquette, Catholic Stand

“Rather, living a Christian life is one of generous sacrifice, not a picking and choosing of what makes us comfortable and entertained. In order to accomplish this Christ needs first to apply those swaddling bands and then one by one, as the wounds heal, strip them away until we are in all of our nakedness before Him, and unashamed.”

To Beatrix in the Shadows: Johnny Town-mouse After 100 Years – Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine

“The awkward eloquence of Potter’s retelling is what makes her little book a joy to read and her lush paintings a wonder to behold, all beginning with a country bumpkin crash landing on a formal dinner-party table. Beatrix Potter makes the ancient story live anew, drawing it out of the shadows to shine. And her style is as inimitable as ever.”

Beer Salesman Talks Down Man Threatening to Jump from St. Paul Overpass – Mara H Gottfried, Twin Cities Pioneer Press

“Anderson — who’s a comedian and by day a beer salesman — said he didn’t know what to do, but he pictured actor Denzel Washington when he played a negotiator in “Inside Man.” He figured he needed to build rapport with the man and he kept talking to him.”

Catholic Institutions in CAR Shelter Displaced Muslims from Threat of AttackCNA/EWTN News

“Fr. Yovane Cox, of the Bangassou diocese, said that “There are armed men here waiting for Muslims to emerge out of the camp so that they can kill them. We need to help them as soon as possible to avoid confrontation and bloodbath.””

Spiritual Fatherhood (and Motherhood) – Ines A Murzaku, The Catholic Thing

“Dear priest-fathers, you are not “uncles” or called by first names. Since the earliest times, the Church has used the title “Father” for religious leaders. The immediate successors of the Apostles are called the Apostolic Fathers. Church Fathers, or Fathers of the Church, are those who lived immediately after the original Apostles through the first eight centuries of Christianity.”

What Happened to the Virgin Mary After Pentecost? (Part I) – Thomas L. McDonald, Weird Catholic

“As Catholics, we know that the faith is not merely contained in the Scripture but also in the Tradition: the unwritten wisdom found in the Church herself. Does the tradition tell us anything of her later years? It certainly does.”

Why There Are Holes in Swiss Cheese? – Lori Dorn, Laughing Squid

“Geobeats offers a yummy bite size explanation as to why there are holes in Swiss cheese.”


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