The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.8.2


Don’t look now, but it’s Friday all over again – which means the latest edition of The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.8.2. – your source for the Good, True, Beautiful, and Slightly Whimsical – is out!

Tired of tariff talk? Worn out by the weary worries of the world? Buried beneath the bulk of beastly bad news? Annoyed with all this awesome alliteration? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve searched high and low for uplifting and inspiring stories, articles, and blog posts you might have overlooked this week. Stories of people treating neighbors, co-workers, and strangers with love and compassion. Articles of faith, about the saints of the Church and a discovery in the Holy Land that might involve 3 of Jesus’ disciples. Very cool. Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered how you can get a papal blessing for your home, we’ve got that for you. Plus a neat story on why getting lost in a story is pretty beneficial. And we kick the whole shebang off with a piece from Bishop Barron, detailing 5 important resources on Humanae Vitae, whose 50th anniversary was celebrated this week.

You know the drill – grab your beverage, find a quiet place, and “get lose in the story”, as it were, at the only spot in the Catholic blogosphere where you can get away and rest for awhile. Enjoy, and please share with your family and friends – they’ll want some of what you’re having!

Bishop Barron’s Top 5 Resources on “Humanae Vitae” – Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire

Equipping Catholic Families for August Saints – Monica McConkey, Equipping Catholic Families

“We’ve put together a quick summary of Catholic Crafts for August Saints and the Monthly Devotion of The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Summer is a great time for a little extra crafting…”

Why ‘Getting Lost in a Book’ Is Good for You, According to Science – Sarah DiGiulio,

“Think of learning how to fly an airplane by using a flight simulator in addition to flying an actual plane. You get to encounter a lot of different scenarios where you’re completely safe, but you can learn a lot about what to do in an emergency, unusual weather conditions, and more. “Fiction is the mind’s flight simulator,” Oatley says.”

Office of Papal Charities – Information about Applying for Papal Blessing ParchmentsThe Vatican

“Requests for Papal Blessings on parchment can be sent to the Elemosineria Apostolica – Office of Papal Charities only by regular post or by fax (but not by e-mail)”

“I Hope They Come Back Here Again”: Seattle Symphony Brings Music to Prison Inmates – Zoe Sayler, Seattle Times

““When we think about community outreach, typically we think about free concerts in neighborhoods,” Reynolds said. “[Incarcerated people] are kind of like the invisible part of our world.” Bryant shared the same sentiment. “These humans who are incarcerated are still humans,” he said.”

“4 Incredible Pairs of Saints Who Were Siblings – Chloe Langr, Epic Pew

“If you struggle to live out the universal call to holiness at family reunions, the dinner table, or in conversation with your siblings, you’re not alone. The next time you’re in a spat with your sibling, here are four pairs of saints to turn to for some Heavenly help!”

Empowering Women: A Day in the Life of an Ethiopian Girl – Catholic Relief Services,

“Zeineba’s mother got married when she was 15 and never went to school. Four of Zeineba’s sisters got married before completing their education. Their mother regrets this. For Zeineba, it will be different.”

When Cop With Cancer Refuses to Stop Working, Dozens of City Workers Donate Their Sick Days – McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

“Despite having to attend doctor’s appointments and chemotherapy sessions twice a month, Kudla told his police chief that he did not want to stop working – and the chief told him that they would try to make it work. The primary problem was that Kudla had not worked at the police department long enough to accumulate enough sick days for his treatment. So as a means of helping their police brother, the other officers at the department donated all of their sick days to Kudla.”

Teenager Writes Tiny Notes to Those in Despair, Leaves Them on Bridge in Britain – Deborah Hastings, Inside Edition

“Hunter says she suffers from PTSD and “when things got hard and I felt alone, I went to the Wearmouth Bridge on a couple of occasions and that feeling you get when you are debating whether to stay is absolutely terrifying,” she told “I didn’t want people to feel the same way I did.””

Reliquary of Jesus’ Apostles May Have Been Found in Israel, Archeologist Says – Ruth Schuster, Noa Shpigel, Haaretz

“A 300-kilogram (661-pound) basalt block with three smooth compartments carved into its top, found in the ruins of what may be Bethsaida, may have been a reliquary housing the remains of apostles Philip, Andrew and Peter, a leading Israeli archaeologist proposes.”


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