The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.6.2


It’s Friday (already!) which means it’s time for the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.6.2. Forget about triskaidekaphobia and bad luck and all, and check out this week’s compilation of the Good, True, Beautiful, and Slightly Whimsical. 100% attitude and tone free – guaranteed!

We gotta tell you – it was tough this week to even approach the Best Good New Event of 2018, the successful rescue of the 12 kids and their coach in Thailand trapped in the flooded cave. Was that incredible or what? Honestly, we didn’t even try. That’s not to say we didn’t scour the Innerwebz for inspiring, enlightening, fun stuff – we did! And we think we found some great stories and articles for you. Headlining the list is a heartwarming account of a couple who, after enduring a couple miscarriages, started a charity that throws birthday parties for homeless kids. They’ve been doing it for six years! If you’re a soccer fan, we found a piece comparing the two World Cup finalist countries, France and Croatia, that asks: which nation is more Catholic? And given we’re smack dab in the middle of summer, we threw in a post about leisure, one about how and where to enjoy summer night stargazing, and why playing and reading with your littles leads to better behavior when they’re older. And just because, we added a story about why some sounds make certain people dizzy, but not others (clue: it really is all up in their head!) Plus a whole lot more.

So find a comfy place to sit, grab your coffee or fave adult beverage, and enjoy this week’s Intelligence Report. Please like and share with your family and friends, too. They deserve it!

After Miscarriages, Couple Starts Throwing Birthday Parties for Homeless Kids InsteadGood News Network

Learning the Lesson of Leisure – Sr Marie Estelle, Integrated Catholic Life

“Joseph Pieper, in his classic “Leisure, the Basis of Culture” wrote, “Unless we regain the art of silence and insight, the ability for non-activity, unless we substitute true leisure for our hectic amusements, we will destroy our culture and ourselves.”

What Does the Rule of St. Benedict Offer Families? – Jerry Windley-Daoust, Peanut Butter & Grace

“True, families aren’t monasteries, as my wife pointed out, and kids aren’t grown men. Kids have very different developmental needs than monks do—expecting kids to practice monastic silence for any extended period of time, for example, would not only be unrealistic, but also bad for kids’ development. They need to talk! And kids have their own unique spiritual needs. Also, you can’t expel them from the community for bad behavior.”

Calling on Heaven – The Feast of St. Zelie Martin – Jenny Uebbing, Mama Needs Coffee

“The Communion of Saints isn’t some bizarre pious tradition the Church fosters in order to justify the cost of statues and stained glass windows. Zelie Martin is alive in Christ; more alive than your or I, in fact. And she stands in the Presence of God and addresses Him directly with the needs of her brothers and sisters still on earth.”

Vatican Cricket Team Makes Goodwill Visit to the Birthplace of the Sport – KV Turley, National Catholic Register

“St. Peter’s Cricket Team is composed of priests and seminarians from England, Ireland, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, who are studying and working in Rome. Affiliated with the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture and Sport, the team’s objectives are to increase awareness of the importance of religion in society, to promote ecumenical, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, while all the time spreading the Gospel.”

Beautiful Expressions – Pope Pius XII, The Catholic Thing

“The Church encourages and supports everything which truly concerns a fuller enrichment of the mind – for She is the patron and foster mother of human knowledge and the noble arts; therefore She cannot permit the violation of those principles and laws which direct and govern man in his path to God, his final end.”

Why Some People Get Dizzy Hearing Certain SoundsScience Digest

“For some people, certain sounds like a trumpet blowing a particular tone can make them dizzy, and it’s not because they’re giddy from a Wynton Marsalis melody.”

France vs. Croatia: A Catholic World Cup Breakdown – JD Flynn, Catholic News Agency

“What team will U.S. Catholics root for as two historically Catholic countries face off? If you’re still undecided, perhaps a comparison of the Catholic life, history, and culture of France and Croatia would be helpful…”

Reading and Playing with Kids Leads to Good Behavior – Bridget Sharkey, Simplemost

“The key take-home message to me is that when parents read and play with their children when their children are very young — we’re talking about birth to 3 year olds — it has really large impacts on their children’s behavior. All families need to know when they read, when they play with their children, they’re helping them learn to control their own behavior.”

Summer Is For Meteor Showers and Stargazing. Here’s How to Watch – Brian Resnick, Vox

“This summer, you can catch a total lunar eclipse, a couple of awesome meteor showers, and planets at opposition. So here’s our guide to summer stargazing. It covers where to go, what to look for and when to look for it, and what you’ll need to see it all.”

Image source: Public Domain via Wikimedia


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