Welcome to The Conspiracy Five Children and Wit & The Catholic Gardener!


Last month, The Catholic Conspiracy went INTERNATIONAL when Leah and….Mr Leah… from Northern Ireland finally gave into bribery, peer pressure, and a wee bit of begging and decided to step out of our IT dungeon and share their wit and their five children with the rest of us at their new blog Five Children and Wit.

Look at all of this Irish cuteness!

They came out from the gates swinging with a personal look at the Irish abortion referendum, and followed it with a humorous look at the busybodies giving them the side-eye in the parish pews. Mr and Mrs Leah have been some of our favorite people for years behind the scenes, and we’re thrilled to at last be throwing the spotlight right back at them!

While Leah and family are busy broadening our horizons across the Pond, Margaret is here reminding us of the beauty and life that are growing all around us.


Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB brings her unique blend of spirituality, an artistic eye, and her incredible green thumb to liven up our little corner of the Catholic internet. Margaret’s writing is fresh and grounded, beautiful and poignant, and reminds us that the Power of the Almighty can be found in the tiniest details and invites us to join Him in an ongoing conversation out in the world He created.

In a modern world that seems to spin past at a blur, Margaret’s writing and painting remind us to slow down and just be. (She also teaches us how to keep our plants alive. Which we could use a little more of around here.)

We hope that you enjoy the “New Girls” here at the Catholic Conspiracy. They’re amazing women of faith, and we’re delighted to be able to share them with you!


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