The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.4.2


It’s Friday – which means it’s time for the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.4.2, your source for the Good, True, Beautiful, and Slightly Whimsical!

It’s been a crazy, bombastic week across the Internet – what else is new, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee that this week’s list is 100% MetGala-free and completely devoid of any other Catholic outrage du jour. We’ve filtered out the political posturing and nagging nabobs of negativity. Who needs more of that? Not you, not us. So we searched high and low for posts and articles that will hopefully lift you up and tune out most of the noise.

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, we headline with a sweet piece by Shelby Spear, and halfway down the list, there’s a link to Amy Welborn’s suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts. Check out the photo story of the guy who decided to find out what a religious symbol on his English map designated – very cool! There’s an interesting article about an honesty experiment, the results of which showed that maybe people are generally better than we tend to think. And the list concludes with a link to a unique museum outside Cleveland dedicated to Catholic statues. Plus music and several thoughtful essays.

Enjoy browsing, and have a blessed weekend! Thanks for reading and sharing!

This Is How You Get a Mom’s Full Attention on Mother’s Day – Shelby Spear,

This Guy Saw a Hidden Place in Middle of Nowhere on his Map and Had to Investigate – Ella, Postize

“The North Downs is a range of chalk hills in Kent (which give the White Cliffs of Dover their whiteness) – it’s classed as ‘Ancient Countryside’, and it is full of secretive nooks and crannies, and has a long history. I had seen this symbol on the map before and it had intrigued me because it seemed unusual that a place of worship would be located quite far from any village and that it would be right on the edge of a woodland.”

What Must I Do? – Agellius, Petty Armchair Popery

“It seems to me that Jesus places these things in order: First he says, “If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments.” Then later, “If you wish to be perfect, sell your possessions and give the money to the poor.” First you enter into life by keeping the commandments, then you seek perfection through works of charity. The commandments come first and are the bare minimum.”

Needlework – David Warren, Essays in Idleness

“An old lady I recalled in a recent Idlepost, polishing the brass in a parish church, was doing more to the good than almost any statesman. This is because sustaining and building the Church, in all of her many dimensions, is the best we can do when we get up in the morning. It is to pray and to make ourselves receptacles of grace. Let God do the work, and let us focus our energies upon being his obedient servants.”

Mother’s Day Gift! – Amy Welborn, Charlotte Was Both

“I would like to add that the devotional entries were very carefully composed to be inclusive of all women, no matter their state in life or areas of interest. I don’t presume that all women are married, have children, single, widowed, divorced, young, elderly, employed outside the home or not, homeschoolers, are into shopping or shoes or purses, are engaged with social media, or what have you. It wasn’t an easy book to write – in fact, it was the most difficult book I’ve written – but I’m pleased with the outcome, and I think most readers are as well.”

A Brilliant Honesty Experiment to See if 200 Dropped Wallets Get Returned – Lori Dorn, Laughing Squid

“Vlogger and former NASA engineer Mark Rober arranged a rather wonderful experiment in which he and a number of co-conspirators casually dropped 200 identical wallets around towns and cities across the United States to see if people would return it or not. Each of the wallets contained a small amount of money, a picture-less ID card, a sonogram photo (“It’s a boy”), a picture of a puppy and a phone number to call if found.”

This Vibraphone Arrangement of ‘Clair De Lune’ Is as Dreamy as Debussy Gets – James Bennett II, WQXR

“Arguably his best-known work, “Clair de Lune” from Suite bergamasque is perhaps the most serenely somnolent of them all. But how do you make a dreamy piece even dreamier? Arrange it for vibraphone!”

Data – Joseph Moore, Yard Sale of the Mind

“I dig a good map as much as anyone, and admire clever representations of data. But, alas! experience has taught me the sad truth: few, if any, popular maps/data representations are worth the electronic media they are encoded in. This map says, at a glance, that Europeans have many more recorded battles than anybody else. One is sore tempted to think, therefore, Europeans are just that much more violent than other peoples.”

Marcus Aurelius’ 15 Secrets to Living a Good LifeIntercollegiate Review

“We enjoy publishing our thoughts and those of our writers, but we also love going to primary sources whenever possible. Today we’re sitting at the feet of ancient Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius to hear his timeless thoughts on what matters in life—and what doesn’t. The following is excerpted from Book II of Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations.”

Museum of Divine StatuesAtlas Obscura

“An old catholic church in northeast Ohio has been refurbished and filled with the statues of Catholicism. The ornate recreation of a Catholic church, filled to the brim with discarded items, is photographer and makeup artist Lou McClung’s attempt at preserving what could have otherwise been lost.”

Image source: Public Domain via Wikimedia


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