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Welcome to the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.3.2, your source for the Good, True, Beautiful and Slightly Whimsical.

I know! You’re shocked! Almost two weeks in a row! I’m pretty surprised as well.

I think this week’s roster is pretty special – headlining with a wonderful piece on why May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Included are pieces on Chopin and Chesterton. A beautiful and poignant post on suffering. Exciting and interesting news from Saudi Arabia – are they finally going to allow churches to be built? A story on a cool device being developed for pregnant moms, and news from SQPN about their new full-time CEO and podcasting plans. Plus more!

Kick back and enjoy your weekend’s reading list – and please like and share!

May: The Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Jean Heimann, Catholic Fire

Will GK Chesterton Be Canonized as a Saint? – Fr Ian Boyd, Catholic Herald

The current effort to canonise Chesterton has a background which is both curious and multi-national.

A Few (Very Few) Thoughts on Suffering and Beauty and Rest – Emily Stimpson Chapman, The Catholic Table

But, as my house is reminding me today, the suffering is not the end. The mess is not where the story stops. Or, at least, it doesn’t have to be. If we let grace into it, it becomes just one part of the journey, one sliver of our eternity. With God, suffering becomes part of the process of making us whole, of teaching us patience, mercy, kindness, trust, faith, fortitude, detachment, hope, love, and meekness.

Saudi Arabia to Build Churches for Christian Citizens – Hend El-Behary, Egypt Independent

In an interview with the Vatican News newspaper after the visit, Tauran said he was pleased by what he described as ‘the beginning of the rapprochement’. “It is a sign that the Saudi authorities are now ready to give a new image to the country,” he added.

10 Reasons to Stop Beating Yourself Up – Nancy Ward, Joy Alive in Our Hearts

I know that forgiving myself means I must stop excusing myself with “that’s just the way I am.” It means reversing the downward cycle of punishing myself for all the times I couldn’t forgive myself. Stop listening to all the negative self-talk of unworthiness. Stop taking revenge on myself!

Secular Superficiality vs the Rootedness of Culture – Anthony Esolen, The Cardinal Newman Society

It is not that they remember Jupiter Best and Greatest rather than Jesus, the Crucified. They have no memory at all. They have not put down roots in the wrong place. They have no roots. They are spiritual tumbleweeds in a dust bowl of oblivion.

New Device Lets Moms Take Ultrasound Pictures of Their Baby on Their Phone – Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews

According to the company, their ultrasound device can connect to any smartphone and be used to view unborn babies, take ultrasound images of them and communicate with doctors. The estimated cost will be $190, according to the report.

Chopin for Everyone – Terez Rose, The Classical Girl

There’s something about Chopin that puts him and his music in a category of its own. I hear a composition of his and it’s unique and haunting, his use of the minor key mixed in with major. One hand accompanies, the other sings a melody rich with nuance and longing.

Mary, Mother of the Church – A New Feast Day to Celebrate – Bonnie Engstrom, A Knotted Life

This feast day also reminds us of how the Church is our mother. She feeds us with the Eucharist, takes care of us when we are ill, washes us clean with Baptism, clothes us with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit through Confirmation, and brings healing to our brokenness through confession.

Hi, I’m a Podcaster – Dominic Bettinelli,

Part of that rebuilding has been a recognition of the need for someone working full-time to manage everything, to be a primary host of most shows, to schedule panelists, do the audio editing, manage the web servers, and so on. That someone is me. So now as of May, I can say with all sincerity to the question, “What do you do?”: “I am a podcaster.”

Image source: Public Domain via Wikimedia


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