The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.2.2.


Welcome to the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.2.2, your source for the Good, True, Beautiful, and slightly Whimsical! We’ve run out of fingers calculating how many weeks it’s been since the last edition. And I bet you thought we’d never publish again, too. Well, you were almost right. Contrary to any rumors you might have heard, we haven’t been hacked by Russians or censored by Facebook AI algorithms. Yet.

Now, we’re not going to promise this every week moving forward, but we will promise to do our best. We’ve heard from some of our readers that they miss the FIR, so we’ll make a more concerted effort to be more consistent.

Enjoy this week’s Report – it has a little of everything, all of it guaranteed to uplift, encourage, and inspire. If you want outrage with a dash of brimstone, there are other places for that (and we’re sure you know *coughcoughPewsittercoughcough* who they are). We aim to accentuate the positive, not pile on with the negative. But you knew that – that’s why you’re reading this! So grab your favorite beverage, adult or otherwise, kick back and have a leisurely stroll through the selections. And speaking of adult beverages, that’s this week’s headline article.

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Enjoy Scotch Whisky? Thank the Catholic Monk Who Invented It – uCatholic

Paul Uses Typology to Reveal Warnings From Exodus – Allison Low, Catholic Stand

As we read 1 Corinthians 10:1-12, we recognize its purpose: Paul tells us he is recalling the Exodus because these events are to be “warnings for us” [or as some translations say, “as an example for us”]. The Greek word used here is “typos,” where we get the English word “type” – as in typology, where the Old Testament types foreshadowed things to come. Paul exhorts all Christians to not repeat the sins of the Israelites because, as a result, many did not inherit the Promised Land and he does not want that outcome for us.

The Swiss Guard Uniform Was not Designed by Michelangelo, Contrary to Popular Myth – John Burger, Aleteia

The myth that Michelangelo designed the uniforms of the Swiss Guard is based on some confusion about artists, but one that is perpetuated by people like Dan Brown, author of Angels & Demons.In fact, the uniforms are based on armor common throughout Renaissance Europe. The fact that the current uniforms were commissioned in 1914 kind of makes Swiss cheese out of the Michelangelo myth.

Max Bruch: The Romantic Composer You’ve Never Heard (Enough) Of – Terez Rose, The Imaginitive Conservative

The problem with poor Bruch was, you see, he was born too late. He had to follow in the footsteps of German masters of the Romantic Era such as Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn, and Brahms. He learned a lot from them. He loved their structured, balanced, lyrical style; it was what he did best. However, by the time Bruch had a really good sound going, the times, they were a-changing.

Forgiveness: The Condition of all Relationships – Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman

Relational brokenness is a fact of existence. The outcome of this brokenness, however, is up to us—it is determined by how we choose to respond to it, for it can make us either bitter or better.

This Mom has Volunteered to Care for Dozens of Newborn Babies – Kate Streit, Simplemost

Lapin donates her skills as a mom out of the goodness of her heart and said she is simply doing her job as a citizen. Her children, Gavri, Sarit and Rami, also help out and work to develop their own caregiving skills. “We are of the belief we are all obligated to contribute to our community,” she told Today,com.

When the Dried Plum Lobby Tried to Make Pruneburgers Happen – Michael Waters, Atlas Obscura

At the time, the industry was in desperate need of a saving grace. Since the 1970s, growers had struggled with a prune surplus, but the problems reached a peak in 1995, when prune sales themselves began to shrivel. Fearing a precipitous drop in prices, the industry kicked into overdrive: They had to sell more prunes, and fast.

Fun Fact: Sometimes John and I Fight a Lot – Moira, Modern Catholic Mom

Sometimes life just gets busy, and you begin to sweep a lot of things under the rug — which is fine for a while — but eventually if you don’t address those things under the rug, you just might break your neck on it.

An American Frassati? Meet the Young Man People Are Already Calling a SaintChurchPop

Joe Reali might have seemed like a normal young man from the outside: he had friends, went to school, and loved playing football. Which is why it was such a tragedy when he died suddenly from a genetic heart condition just before his 26th birthday. But when all the stories of how he had impacted people started flooding in, something else because clear: the young man was a saint.

My Alabaster Jar – Theresa Curley, Ignitum Today

What is in my alabaster jar? What is my gift of priceless worth that I am holding back from God for fear of the opinions of others? Dear Lord, help me to break my alabaster jar and give my heart to You.

Image source: Public Domain via Wikimedia


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