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A new year, a new image, a new commitment to publishing the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report. Yeah, last year was inconsistent to say the least. Sorry about that. We know a lot of you look forward to the FIR, so we hope to not disappoint you in 2018. Because let’s face it – we all could use some of the Good, the True, the Beautiful and slightly Whimsical to finish off the week, or enjoy through the weekend.

There’s a definite New Year’s vibe to the first Field Intelligence Report of 2018, leading off with a link to Jennifer Fulwiler’s Saint Name Generator. Have you chosen your patron saint for 2018 yet? TCC’s is St Thomas Becket.

Grab your fave beverage, sit back, and enjoy the rest of the links gathered near and far, and please share! Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Saint Name Generator – created by Jennifer Fulwiler

New Year’s Resolution: Get Out of the Boat! – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic News & Inspiration

With that in mind, lowliness is not a hindrance but an asset. God works well with people who depend on Him rather than themselves. We see that clearly in the lives of the saints. We just need to do our part and put on our life vest by padding our day with prayer, living a sacramental life, and including the Bible as part of our life so we stay close enough to God to hear him clearly. With such safety measures, we need not worry about stepping out of the boat in faith.

Expanding A Prayer – Fr Stephen Morris, Pauca Verba

What has passed our lips as food, O Lord,
may we possess in purity of heart,
that what has been given to us in time
may be our healing for eternity. Amen

Might I suggest we can make this prayer our own, perhaps using the first line as a kind of ‘spring board’ for reflection. Here’s my ideas; you’ll have your own. Let it be born out of silence.

It Takes Time and Effort – Mary Cooper, The Not-So-Perfect Catholic

In a world where we are all busy, it’s all about getting ahead and trying to get the kids athletic scholarships. Instead of putting their faith first, people are trying to fit their faith into their lives. It takes time to learn the truth about our faith. It takes time and effort to put God first. It takes time and effort to teach the faith to our children. It takes time and effort to answer questions, and, if we don’t know the answers, to find them. But that time is so worth it. Are you putting in the time and effort?

Bless Your House This Year with the Epiphany Blessing – Chloe Langr, EpicPew

Chalking the door of the home is a practice celebrated by Catholics for centuries throughout the world. However, the practice doesn’t appear as much in the United States. That doesn’t mean you can’t adopt the tradition with your family this year! The easy ceremony reminds Catholics that their year is dedicated to God.

Holiness is Not About Being Nice – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand

I have realized that holiness is very, very hidden and subdued. It is not a shiny action and being “really nice” to others, but more of a constant transformation to God’s image. It is having a gracious answer to a rude remark, asking about another person instead of talking about yourself, doing the right thing even though it might make enemies. Instead of action, or at least preceding it and greatly superseding it, is prayer. Prayer is the way to let Christ love us and through us and the best way to “be nice” to others.

Photographer Captures One in a Million Photo, Doesn’t Realize it Until He Gets HomeBored Panda

Photographer Daniel Biber from Hilzingen, Germany was there when the starlings began to swirl and twist, most likely the result of a predator such as a falcon or hawk being in the vicinity. It was almost supernatural that in response to the predator, the cloud of starlings ended up twisting and turning themselves into a giant, single bird, as if to say to their tormentor, “we are bigger than you.”

Cop Pays for Girl’s Donuts and She Pays It Forward – Chelsea Davis, Simplemost

You never know when one act of kindness can change the lives of others for the best. When 9-year-old Brooke stepped away from a Sheetz gas station cash register after realizing she didn’t have enough money to pay for a dozen donut holes, one upstanding state trooper offered to help. Chad Savannah was standing behind her in line and generously paid for the girl’s sweet treats.

The 10 Best Ways to Make Exercise an Unbreakable Habit – Brett & Kate McKay, The Art of Manliness

If you’ve resolved and failed, and resolved and failed to start working out consistently, you know it can be a really discouraging cycle. Cementing the exercise habit can seem like an impossible task.

But it truly doesn’t have to be, as long you take the right approach. Below we share 10 key tactics that will help you make exercise an unbreakable habit.

A Closer Look at ‘The Adoration of the Maji’ by Gentile da Fabriano – Joynel Fernandes, Aleteia

Da Fabriano’s “Adoration of the Magi” allures us not just to its gleaming artistic charm but also to its liturgical grace. The exquisite and luxurious brocaded garments of the Magi stand in stark contrast to the nakedness of the little Messiah girdled in loin cloth. And yet the Magi honor Christ as the King of Kings. Each Magus takes off his crown, bends low and kisses the Child’s playful feet. As they silently surround the Christ Child they fathom in faith the mystery of God made man. They recognized the everlasting providence of God and experience His glory in humility!

Image source: Public Domain via Wikimedia


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