O Antiphons: “O Sapientia”


Starting today, and for the next seven days, the “O Antiphons” are short prayers sung before and after the Magnificat, during Vespers, or evening prayer. They are named “O Antiphons”, because each one begins with the letter O, as part of a title given to Jesus Christ. The Church invites us to pray these prayers in preparation for the coming of Our Savior. Here at TCC, we will post the text of each antiphon every day, including a recording of the chanted O Antiphon.

The O Antiphon for December 17 is “O Sapientia”.

LATIN: O Sapientia, quae ex ore Altissimi prodidisti, attingens a fine usque ad finem, fortiter suaviter disponensque omnia: veni ad docendum nos viam prudentiae.

ENGLISH: O Wisdom, who came from the mouth of the Most High, reaching from end to end and ordering all things mightily and sweetly: come, and teach us the way of prudence.

Image source: Screenshot from video (uploaded to YouTube by Stephan George, 4/21/11)


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