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Welcome to the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.16.1! You’re here because you love the Good, the True, the Beautiful, and Slightly Whimsical, and that’s what we give you. If you’re exhausted from all the politics, infighting, rhetoric, corrections, and polemics engulfing the world, our nation, and our Church – and who isn’t, really? – then grab a favorite beverage, and indulge yourself. You deserve it. No need to protest. Take a seat (not a knee!) and enjoy this week’s discoveries.

Did you know Canada’s Cardinals and Bishops reconsecrated their nation to Mary’s Immaculate Heart? That’s our headline story. Check out the brilliant piece on St Vincent de Paul by Amy Welborn. Be amused by the twitter war between England’s Science Museum and Natural History Museum – it’s epic. Read stories about the graces of gratitude, the benefits of reading (it really does make a person better!), a video essay on the lasting legacy of Saul Bass, and then laugh out loud as Kelly Mantoan at “This Ain’t The Lyceum” boils down all the hype on making bone broth.

All that and more, guaranteed to lower your blood pressure, soothe your soul, and settle your nerves. Read and share!

Bishops Reconsecrate Canada to Immaculate Heart of Mary – Catholic News Service, Catholic Herald

“To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and to mark the 70th anniversary of its consecration to Mary, Canada’s three cardinals led the nation’s bishops in a ceremony on September 26 to reconsecrate the nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

St. Vincent de Paul, Finding His Greatness – Amy Welborn, Charlotte Was Both

“I find reading works like this instructive for a number of reasons. First, naturally, because they are the thoughts and advice of a great saint, and that’s always good to put in your brain and fill your time with.
But secondly – what a contrast. What a contrast to the contemporary spiritual gestalt and yes, I’m talking about Catholic gestalt, too. Perhaps especially.”

Here’s Why Being Grateful Leads to Happiness (and not the Other Way Around) – Markham Heid, Organic Life

“Put another way, he says, our minds take the shape of the thoughts and emotions that flow through them. You can’t expect to feel happy when you’re pumping your head full of worry and anxiety. By focusing on what you’re thankful for in life, gratitude can elbow aside many of those unhappy vibes.”

Scientists Partially Confirm Saint Francis of Assisi Miracle uCatholic

“According to tradition, the year was 1224, and the brothers of the Friary at Folloni near Montella, Italy were snowed in from a particularly harsh winter. Unable to leave the friary, the brothers were starving because their food stores had run out. One night, they heard a knock on the door to the church. When they opened it they found only a sack containing bread marked with a lily flower symbol, typically associated with the French monarchy.”

How Reading Rewires Your Brain for More Intelligence and Empathy – Derek Beres, BigThink

“Reading, of course, requires patience, diligence, and determination. Scanning headlines and retweeting quips is not going to make much cognitive difference. If anything, such sweet nothings are dangerous, the literary equivalent of sugar addiction. Information gathering in under 140 characters is lazy. The benefits of contemplation through narrative offer another story.”

The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum are Fighting on Twitter, and it’s AmazingIFLScience!

““Who would win in a staff battle between @sciencemuseum and @NHM_London,” he queried. “What exhibits/items would help you be victorious? #askacurator
Marvelously, both institutions took the call. Forget the Civil War between the Avengers – this is the one you really want to pay attention to. There’s little else to be said but to sit back and enjoy the tweets.” [Language warning]

You’re Amazing! – Sterling Jacquith, Coffee and Pearls

“I want my friends to know that I think they’re amazing just for being Catholic in a world that really doesn’t like Catholics right now. I think they’re amazing for being open to life and having lots of little kids around. I think they’re amazing for balancing work with being a wife and a mom in a world that doesn’t value the latter!”

20 Pieces of Writing Advice from William Faulkner – Emily Temple, Literary Hub

“William Faulkner is one of the best writers America has ever produced, with a distinctive voice and a relentless intelligence that earned him a Nobel Prize in literature at age 52—not to mention two Pulitzer prizes, two National Book Awards, and the undying love of many readers. He’s one of those writers you can read again and again without really understanding how he’s done what he’s done; he has that magic. But that doesn’t keep anyone from trying to learn from him.”

The Lasting (and Massive) Legacy of Saul Bass – Joseph Susanka, Summa This, Summa That

“I recently happened across a fantastic video essay, “Saul Bass’ Legacy: TV Title Sequences.” Created by a (seemingly) bodiless voice named “Entertain The Elk,” it’s basically catnip for people like me. So if you love title sequences, love the astonishing influence Saul Bass exerted over them, and are a cat, this is your video.”

7 Steps to Miraculous Bone Broth – Kelly Mantoan, This Ain’t the Lyceum

“4. Herbs and seasoning for your bone broth can be collected under a full moon with the help of a gnome. Don’t forget to go bare foot so you can properly ground yourself to the Earth’s energy fields (which I like to think of as ‘mantle flatulence’). Herbs from the grocery store will not infuse the broth with enough natural essence and positive vibes, leading to bone broth with low self esteem and/or an existential crisis.”


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