The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.14.1


Here it is, boys and girls, ladies and gents: the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report v.14.1, 2 WEEKS IN A ROW!!!!! I know, I know – amazing and miraculous (prayers for a third consecutive week would be appreciated, btw). With so much dark news and terrible things going on in the world, though, we believe it’s critically important to produce the Intelligence Report. And we like to think y’all agree – I mean, who doesn’t want the Good, the True, the Beautiful, and the slightly Whimsical, right? Nobody, that’s who.

So we’ve cranked the You Must Support DACA Or Else You’re a False Christian Filter to maximum, set the Poisonous Political Punditry Pointer dial to zero, and completely disconnected the Current Catholic Crises circuit. You know where to find those stories, if you want to read them. You just won’t read them here.

What you can read, though, are inspiring, thought provoking, engaging stories and posts from everywhere else. From Scotland’s historic consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to a list of ‘Back to Sanity’ books today’s Catholic ought to consider reading; from ways to encourage your kids to re-connect with nature, to the 5 worst sci-fi/horror film jobs you want to avoid; from a gorgeous photo essay of the Ettal Abbey in Bavaria, to the Norcian Benedictine monks helping to rebuild their earthquake-damaged town. And more to boot!

Thanks for checking out our links, and please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Help us spread the Good, the True, the Beautiful, and slightly Whimsical far and wide!

Scotland Consecrated to Immaculate Heart – Dan Hitchens, Catholic Herald

Reading Literature: The One Right Way – Melanie Bettinelli, The Wine Dark Sea
Age of Faith, Age of Virtue – Brendan Hodge, DarwinCatholic
A “Back to Sanity” Book List For Modern Catholics – Matt Nelson, Reasonable Catholic
Beer-Brewing Monks are Helping Rebuild Earthquake-Devastated Town in Italy – Sylvia Poggioli, NPR
The B-List: The 5 Worst Jobs in Sci-Fi/Horror Movies – eegahinc, The B-Movie Catechism
Well Said: C.S. Lewis on Writing the Screwtape Letters – Julie Davis, Happy Catholic
How to Increase Your Kids’ Connection to Nature (Even if You Live in the Burbs) – Brett McKay, The Art of Manliness
The Friendship Between this British Schoolboy and Syrian Refugee is so Heartwarming – Caroline Bologna, HuffPost
The Beauty of Ettal Abbey – Rebecca Haegele, The Suburban Girl


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