The (Somewhat) Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.13.1


Holy mackerel, it’s been a while since the last Field Intelligence Report. Mea culpa, TCC fans. We’ve all been up to our eyeballs dealing with This, That, and The Other – you know how it is. Still, it’s a new month, with a renewed commitment to publishing this link-fest on a more consistent basis.

Plenty of heart-wrenching, terrible news this past week, with Harvey and the insane floods in India and China. Not to mention the continued political fighting, as well as ecclesial arguments and Facebook backbiting among Catholics hither and yon (if you haven’t seen it, consider yourself blessed!). The Field Intelligence Report is our small way to combat all that – focusing on the Good, the True, the Beautiful, and somewhat Weird.

With all that being said, we felt we’d be remiss if we didn’t lead off with one heartwarming story coming out of the wake of Hurricane Harvey – and there have been plenty, as most if not all of you have seen – so we’ve done just that. The Hurricane Harvey Book Club for Children is quite the ingenious creation of an elementary school teacher from Texas, to provide comfort for the countless displaced kids, and has grown to 32,000 members.

This week’s FIR also includes the story of a NASA engineer from Canada who is following the call to religious life; the scientific data on how long you should dunk an Oreo in a glass of milk (this is important stuff, y’all); the beautiful story of the Mass returning to liberated Mosul; and a blast from the past – the year 1495, to be exact – of how incoming freshmen are to be treated. Plus a lot more!

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The Hurricane Harvey Book Club For Children May Be The Sweetest Thing To Come Out Of The Natural Disaster – Bridget Sharkey, Simplemost

The Power of Patience and Persevering Prayer – Nada Mazzei, Catholic Stand
From NASA to Nunhood: A PEI Engineer Explores Faith as Scientist and Sister – Adina Bresge, The Canadian Press
According to Science, This Is the Optimal Oreo Dunk Time – Cat Divaris, Rock95
5 Tips on how to Sniff out Fake News – Russell E. Saltzmann, Aleteia
The Mass Returns to MosulNational Catholic Register
Priests in the Park – Daniel Meloy, The Michigan Catholic
10 Points about Shakespeare that every Catholic Teacher Should Know – Stephen, Smart Catholic Teacher
Letting Go of Grudges – Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction, Catholic Exchange
How to Treat the Freshmen, 1495Ask the Past


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