Via Veritatis


Via Veritatis
Priorities and the sensibility
of an ordering of things,
keeping first things
before next things
unto the expectation
of last things,
means needing–
means relying–
means meaning–
the commitment
to the first
is for the love
of the last.
Here, stand upon this foundation,
here, erect these pillars,
here, mount aloft the canopy and relief.
Do you see the foundation
upon which all the pillars stand?
Upon which all the law and prophets
The first for the second
and the rest revealing
the last to be the first.
The authenticity of love continues
in the yet continuing writing
of the truth, of we creatures
ashamed behind these shrouds
of the untruth of our priorities.
Sin makes man curvatus in se,
turned inward behind the shroud,
instead of outward to lift the veil

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