The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.12.1


Can you believe it? It’s the latest Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report! And no, we’re not going to rename it the Monthly TCC Field Intelligence Report. But you know how it is…it’s summer, and things kinda slow down. The offices at TCC are as empty as a ghost town this time of year.

Regardless, we’ve compiled a bunch of great pieces this week accentuating the Good, True, Beautiful, and Whimsical. Summertime is a perfect time to catch up on literature and movies, so we’ve included a couple posts on those topics. If you’re finding that life is moving at a breakneck speed, then check out the Catholic Gentleman’s piece on resisting the cult of forever moving fast (it’s short, too!). We also have an essay from one of our faves here at TCC – Monsignor Charles Pope – on the necessity of friendship. And we finish the list with a short video of laughing babies. Who doesn’t love laughing babies, right?

100% free of political punditry, scandalous skullduggery, and obnoxious opinions. You need good news and encouragement to cap off your week – you’ve come to the right place.

Catholic Literature and the “Trying to Say God” Conference – Darwin, Darwin Catholic

Bride-to-be Calls Off Wedding, Invites Homeless to her Reception – Maureen C. Gilmer, IndyStar
On the Necessity of Friendship and the Loss of It in our Times – Msgr Charles Pope, Community in Mission
How Plastic Bottles and Cardboard Combine to Make an Air-ConditionerCleverly
Police Officer Dresses as Superheroes and Visits Children with CancerNow This News
The Cycling Legend and Devout Catholic Who Risked His Life to Protect Jews – Comment & Blogs, Catholic Herald
Being Over Doing: Resisting the Cult of Speed – Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman
Now Showing at a Blog Near You – Eegahinc, The B-Movie Catechism
Your Spirit Finds Joy in Communion – St Peter Julian Eymard, Catholic Exchange
Cute Twin Babies Laugh Hysterically While Sitting on a Vibrating Powerfit MachineLaughing Squid

Photo credit: f4niko via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA


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