Once Did the Amazon Pause


Once Did the Amazon Pause
What hush and still comes with this day’s sunset?
Swift decrescendo of a vivid song
Of life: the Amazon takes concert pause—
The teaming sound of all that creeks and chirps
And all that wails to call her fellow kind
Hears a crescendo of the civilized—
First ever miracle of moments in
Her grand and wild predating ages’ time.
What is it that the din of creatures hears
But chant of hymn so far refined as this
Sweet resonant song’s beauty? Mastery
Of practice praising love sublime in heights
Beyond what any tribal villager
On Western shores has heard. Four hooded men,
And habit clad, in quest of rumored huts,
For there the Gospel yet is unproclaimed.
Thus halting under forest canopy
At dim of light of day, a Vespers sung
So suddenly amid the wilderness
Is so unrecognizable it tames
What knows not order of simplicity
But is a now attentive audience,
This Liturgy of Hours, the Amazon,
Too, pauses at God’s praises sung.


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