The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.10.1


Welcome to v.10.1. of the weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, your linkfest to the Good, True, and the Beautiful…and the cool and whimsy, too.

It’s a holiday weekend here in the United States, so you have extra time to read what our search bot (affectionately named FreakyDoll) collated and collected this week. This week’s report leads off with an impressive list of US Catholic shrines – how many have you visited? Let us know! There’s a good reflection on why Memorial Day can be considered a Catholic secular holiday, from a priest in the Diocese of Duluth. Several interesting pieces, too, including a story on Japanese scientists figuring out how ladybugs tuck their wings beneath their cases, and a heartwarming story about a mom who was awarded an honorary MBA degree because she attended every class with her paraplegic son. The list concludes with a thoughtful article by Elizabeth Foss on why face-to-face time with those we love is more important than FaceTime, followed by one on the optimal length of power nap. Seems an appropriate topic at the start of a long weekend – in fact, I may test that out in a couple minutes!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

The Ultimate List of Catholic Shrines in the US – Sara & Justin Kraft,

Life in Plan B – Ellie, The Bleeding Pelican
Memorial Day is the Most Catholic Secular Holiday – Fr Richard Kuntz, The Northern Cross
Mom Surprised with Honorary MBA after Attending every Class with Paraplegic Son – Julie Scagell, Scary Mommy
Scientists Sneak a Peek at how Ladybugs Fold Their Wings – Camila Domonoske, NPR
Christian Coloring Pages – Jeannie Ewing, Love Alone Creates
Why Holy Water? – Fr William Saunders, Catholic Exchange
What is a Spiritual Director, and Why Should You Get One? – Br. Rex Anthony Norris, The Coming Home Network
Slow Down and Connect – Elizabeth Foss, The Arlington Catholic Herald
How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits – Melanie Pinola, LifeHacker


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