The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report – v.7.1.


Welcome to v.7.1 of the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report. Hoo boy, it’s packed to the brim, tamped down, and flowing over with cool stuff. A veritable cornucopia of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, with generous dashes of humor and whimsy tossed in. Art, humor, movies, faith, sports – plenty to chew on and digest.

Headlining this week’s collection is a bit of dirty laundry – no, not the fodder of gossip magazines and rumor mills, but actual dirty laundry. No, it isn’t weird. Trust us!

Grab your favorite brew – whether it be tea, coffee, or ale – and relax with the Field Intelligence Report. You won’t get hot and bothered, we promise! Though you might do a spittake or two if you’re not careful!

All This Baby Needs is his Mom’s Dirty LaundryUSA Today

The Empty Chaos of Today’s Art May Be Telling Us Something – John Garvey, Catholic Philly
Easter Basket Fill-Up – Kelle Hampton, Enjoying The Small Things
Do You Know what ‘Meek’ of ‘Meek and Humble of Heart’ Really Means? – Elizabeth Pardi, Aleteia
What if Jesus Played Basketball? – Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register
Husband Asks Why his Wife was Fired from a Company She Worked for 11 Years, and Things Escalated Hilariously – ​ Rūta Grašytė, Bored Panda
Now Showing at a Blog Near You – EegahInc, B-Movie Catechism
Can Quantum Theory Explain Why Jokes are Funny?Science Daily
Sacred Art and Cryptozoology – Daniel Mitsui, Daniel Mitsui, Artist
How an Ignatian Retreat May Change Your BrainCatholic Herald


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