The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report – v.6.1.


Welcome to The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report – v.6.1. Once again, we apologize for the breaks between reports. Freakydoll’s cybernetic neural processor was convinced it had given up the Internet for Lent, but thankfully we corrected that slight programming error, and she’s back at it. We did a simple “Control-Alt-Delete” reboot, and discovered she changed her transmission schedule from Thursdays to Fridays. Hey, we’re cool with that (we let her play ‘Robot Overlord’ from time to time, for practice when it becomes a reality).

With today being St Patrick’s Day, she opted to headline with an important post: which US diocese has given dispensation for corned beef today? ChurchPOP has the answer! Several other posts in the list are Patricentric as well, so be sure to check them out. If you like photos of gorgeous churches, then the “10 Most Beautiful Churches in Croatia” post is for you. Plus a lot more Good, True, and Beautiful to read.

Grab your favorite bev (green beer is acceptable, but really…why?) and a corned beef sandwich if allowable, and read through v.6.1. of the Field Intelligence Report. Guaranteed to not boil your blood while you boil your cabbage!

If You Live in These Dioceses, You Can Eat Meat this Friday (St. Patrick’s Day!)ChurchPOP

π with Jesus – MrsDarwin, Darwin Catholic
Book Notes: Fostering Vocations through Children’s Fiction – Jeanie Egolf, CatholicMom
Patrick, Man of Ireland, Man of God – Ann Murray, As the Morning Rising
Why I Don’t Hang Out – Lexi, LexiCali
The Irish Tradition of ‘Vernacular Theology’ – Prof. Salvador Ryan, The Irish Catholic
St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland – Jean Heimann, Catholic Fire
10 Most Beautiful Churches in CroatiaCroatia Week
Be Still – Amy M., Catholic Sistas
Jane Austen’s Morality of Marriage – Guy McClung, CatholicStand


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