The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report – v.5.1.


Hey, it’s Thursday, which means it’s time for the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.5.1, your linkfest to the good, true, and beautiful. We are pleased as punch at this week’s collection, selected by our highly sophisticated automated caffeinated detoxicated innoculated Web Crawler (who we affectionately named FreakyDoll). The Vitriol Vicarbinator was set on “High”, and the Rancor Reticulating Filter was cleaned and oiled twice. That’s right – twice. We don’t mess around. We’ve no patience for ugliness and animosity in these parts – and neither do you, otherwise you’d be someplace else rather than here, amirite?

This week’s headline is the miraculous story of the boy born without a brain. Incredible, right? Thanks to Aleteia for that one. Check out all the links – FreakyDoll located real gems in places both unfamiliar and renowned. Grab a cuppa, relax, and get recharged on some inspiring, uplifting news.

And please share! Thanks for reading!

Little Boy Born Without a Brain Can Now Speak, Count, and Attend School – Zoe Romanowsky, Aleteia

Yes, I Did. I Asked for This – Christy, No Hands But Ours
Because I Have Sons and Daughters: The Destructive Lie Behind ‘Patriarchy’ and ‘Feminism’ – Scott Reeves, Odd Man Out
Mom Sends College Son Trash-Filled Care Package – Kate Desmond, Simplemost
Mystical Marriage – David Torkington, Catholic Stand
Improvident but Cheerful: A Defense of the Unplanned Family – Mark Langley, Lion and Ox
The Origins of Lent – Fr. William Saunders, Catholic Exchange
Your Favorite Jane Eyre Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses – Haley Stewart, Carrots for Michaelmas
14 Books You’ll Love Reading to Your Kids – Lisa Qualls, Thankful Moms
Spread a Little Kindness – Jess, Jess Gets Dressed Sometimes


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