Welcome to the Conspiracy, Mary Lenaburg!


When The Catholic Conspiracy was a fun thing we talked about and not yet a reality, LarryD and I talked about the kind of people we would want to come and write with us. “Joyful” was always one of the first descriptors we listed. We wanted to find Catholic bloggers who were joyful in their Faith and passionate about sharing that joy with the world.

As we wrote out a list of our Dream Team (most of whom are now Conspirators themselves,) always near the top of my wish list was Mary Lenaburg. “She epitomizes what I imagine when I talk about joyful Faith,” I would say. “What are the chances that she would be willing to join us?”

“So ask her already,” he said. And I did.

To our delight, she said “Yes!”

Which is why it is our great delight today to welcome to The Catholic Conspiracy a woman who has walked the difficult roads God has placed her on with Grace and Joy. A talented writer and a gifted (and sought after) speaker, Mary has inspired thousands to accept the gifts God gives them and to praise Him in the midst of the storm.

If you’re not yet familiar with Mary’s writing or her story of love and faith, you’re in for a treat. If you already know Mary, then you know why we’re excited that she’s here!

Please join us in enthusiastically welcoming Mary Lenaburg to The Catholic Conspiracy! 


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