Conspirator Spotlight – St Longinus


So, while I was looking for a saint to write about I thought “I don’t want to write something boring, what about the tough saints like St Moses the Black, who beat a bunch of thieves to a pulp and converted them into monks?” I got to thinking about how I’m still in a rocky part of my beliefs and Saint Longinus came to mind. Who better to write about than the non-believer who had the courage to stab God in the guts?

If you don’t know already, good ol Longy was the soldier who stabbed Jesus in the side to make sure he was dead. When the blood and water came out, it baptized Longinus and cured him of an eye infection. He says with his newfound sight “Truly this was the Son of God” (Mt. 27:54). He was present when the body of Christ was buried, and was there when it rose.

The other guards were bribed to say that it was Jesus’s followers that stole the body. Longinus, and a couple of his friends, knew that bribery was not something the cool kids did and told them “I’m just gonna go, this God stuff is pretty cool.” Longinus later left the military with his friends to preach on what they had seen in the name of God. (Because that stuff’s crazy.)

Once Christianity was spreading around again, the Jewish elders, being the jerks they were, sent soldiers after Longinus. The soldiers learned who they were hunting and said something like “Oh, dude, you’re the guy who got covered in blood and guts and stuff. You should go run and hide, we’ll totally lie for you.” Longinus refused to run and decided to trust in God. The soldiers ended up beheading Longinus and his friends, sending Longinus’s head to Pilate, who later threw it in the trash.

Written by: B.W. Frech

Photo Credit: Čeština: [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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