Continuing Advice To Myself, In No Particular Order


Rekindle the flames of your own heart before attempting, yet again, to set the world on fire;
Respect the fears that drive you, but don’t purposefully give over your time, your energy, your talent, or your trust to any of them;
Seek wise counsel from the many, draw conclusions from within;
Solitude, down time, contemplation, and rest are essential to a healthy body and soul;
Lend your time, your money, and your heart to those things which enhance and compound life, joy, compassion, and love;
Interact with respect, react with charity;
Acting with integrity is never wrong;
Understand that wisdom and kindness outlast gold and power;
Truth is discoverable, and your daily choices lead either to or fro;
Trust in the one who infused your spirit, the one who assembled the dust of the earth.
Copyright 2017
Image Credit: Pixabay

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