Your Kids Are Sick? You’ve Got This. You’re A Superhero


A few weeks ago, our youngest daughter suddenly spiked a fever and went from her usual ornery self to lethargic. I whisked her off to the doctor’s office, thankful once again that our family has made it onto the “always work them in” list, where he pointed out the pale pink rash that covered her hands and belly. She had skipped straight over the usual Strep symptoms of sore throat and funky strep smell straight to Scarlet Fever.
We returned home, antibiotic in hand, only to have her smarty pants older sister say, “Isn’t Scarlet Fever what killed Beth in Little Women?” And my 5 year old melted down crying that she didn’t want to die. Death glare daggers at the 12 year old shut her up, but of course she was right

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