Respect Your Health, But Reject “The Cult of the Body”


As we approach the beginning of the New Year, it’s perhaps a good time to start taking better care of our physical health – or to at least resolve that we’ll try.
Whether by consciously choosing more nutritious and lower calorie foods, or by becoming more physically active, or by eliminating toxins such as nicotine, or by becoming more mindful of our body’s need to regularly rest and re-charge, we understand that the road to better health usually entails making minor, and sometimes major, adjustments in our lifestyle.
We’ve grown accustomed to turning to physical fitness and diet gurus, and their latest offerings in the bookstores or on-line, as a way to help us to quickly and dramatically change course, especially if our concern is weight loss.
Certainly, that’s a decent place to start.
About the last place you’d expect to find physical health advice is, perhaps, from the writings of the Church


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