The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.26.0


Welcome to v.26.0 of the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report. Except it’s been weekly quite weakly as of late. We apologize for the inconsistency. Turns out that when the offices were closed down for Thanksgiving, someone who shall go unnamed forgot to fire up FreakyDoll until a couple days ago.

Ahem. Sorry about that, folks.

Search parameters have been fine-tuned, keywords have been optimized and cross-referenced, and every filter has been calibrated. It’s as if FreakyDoll hasn’t missed a beat. Headlining is a great story coming from Ethiopia on witness and conversion. There are a couple music-themed posts, too – one on Mozart (Monday was the anniversary of his death, y’all) and the other is a new video of a song Dawn Eden wrote last century, called ‘Girl on the Northern Line’! It’s catchy and upbeat – be sure to check it out. Mantilla the Hon makes an appearance, as does St. Ambrose, in a wonderful piece by Amy Welborn. Be sure to read the heart-warming and touching eulogy a son gave about his mom – it’ll be the most beautiful thing you read today, guaranteed. And wrapping up this week’s FIR is a story of espionage and drama, about a priest who busted some art thieves who had stolen a priceless Caravaggio. And a whole lot more.

How One Young Ethiopian Made 300 Christian Converts – Catholic News Agency

Listen: The Anderson Council performs my song “Girl on the Northern Line” – Dawn Eden Goldstein, The Dawn Patrol
Pearl Harbor Priest Identified 75 Years Later – Joseph Pronechen, National Catholic Register
The Immaculate Conception: Inspiring Images and Quotes – Melanie Jean Juneau, Joy of Nine
How Mozart Summed up the Universe in Three Notes – Robert Kapilow, The Imaginative Conservative
Ambrose on Repentance – Amy Welborn, Charlotte Was Both
Mantilla the Hon on Being Rigid – Fr Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head
Revisiting the Wondrous Interruption – Nancy Shuman, The Cloistered Heart
Mom’s Eulogy – Bear, The Spirit’s Sword
The Maltese Priest and the Kidnapped Caravaggio – Noah Charney,


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