Of Advent And New Beginnings


This Advent, This New Beginning, Don’t Be Afraid To Look Around And See The Very One For Whom You Are Waiting Right In Front Of You.
Does the sight of me make you uncomfortable?
Do I remind you of something,
Or perhaps, someone,
That you’d rather not bring to mind?
Does my very presence make you realize
That our lives are dicey, sometimes.
Or that you and I could easily trade places,
At a moment’s notice,
Or maybe, with no notice at all?
Is that why you take an extra long stride
Stepping away from me?
Or why you try so hard not to see me catch your eye?
Or release the smells of the street on you?
I know that there are a lot of others like me around,
We slow you down. And I know that we scare you.
I understand


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