Conspirator Spotlight – Genesius of Rome


Genesius was a funny guy. literally. He was an actor and comedian in 4th century Rome under the Emperor Diocletian. We don’t know if Diocletian was funny or not, but he did seem to prefer comedies about the torturous deaths of his Christian Subjects. A regular laugh riot going on there.

Genesius was starring in a new play before the Emperor as the Unfortunate Christian cut down just before he was Baptized. It was a rib tickler for sure, but as Genesius recited his “Proclamation of Faith” before the thespian priest, he became suddenly convicted that everything he had said was true and collapsed on the stage. He was carried off-stage begging someone to actually perform the Sacrament.

The Emperor gave Genesius the opportunity to recant his very public conversion (Presumably with the excuse “You know how actors can be…”)but Genesius refused. Unable to find a priest willing to Baptize him (he wasn’t known for being either trustworthy or Christian) He instead accepted a Baptism of blood when he was beheaded for his new Faith by order of Emperor Diocletian.

Geneius of Rome was an actor for whom the story became real life, and he lost his head when he found the Truth.

Image credit: Statue of St Genesius By Zarateman (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons


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