The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.25.0


Welcome to v.25.0 of the Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report! Yes, there was no FIR last week – sorry about that. Turns out, FreakyDoll crashed while searching for stories and articles on the Good, True, and the Beautiful in the wake of the presidential election. All the filters and screeners and extractors reached critical mass and simply overloaded the system. She needed a break along with the rest of us, it seems.

So we scrubbed the whole thing down with copious amounts of bleach, Febreeze, and prayers over the weekend, and voila! All systems go! FreakyDoll set the Post-Election Navelgazingometer to zero, properly calibrated the Angst Minimizer, and disconnected the Papal Offthecuffremarkoscope. Which means you get links to stories about the Real Blessed Lucy, a couple pieces on preparing for Advent without going crazy, a post on keeping everlasting love in your marriage, a look on supporting Catholic Arts & Letters, and a whole lot more.

The Real Blessed Lucy of Narnia Was Even More Amazing – Stephen Bullivant, The Catholic Herald

How to Advent Without Losing Your Mind – Sterling Jacquith, Coffee & Pearls
7 Apps for
Don’t Do the Angels Work For Them – Fr Philip Neri Powell, Domini, da mihi hanc aquam!
Soyuz Rocket Blessed Before Launch, Cygnus Prepped for Departure – Admin,
What Is the Gift of Tears? – Jeannie Ewing, Love Alone Creates
For Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients, November is National Family Caregiver Month – Larry Peterson, It Makes Sense To Me
How to Find Everlasting Love (And Keep It!) – Angie, Yellow Pelican
Killing ’em With Kindness – Christina Nagy, Catholic Conundrum
What Is the Best Way to Support Catholic Arts and Letters? – Elizabeth Scalia, Aleteia


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