TCC Sunday Reading Reflection – November 13, 2016


November 13, 2016

MAL 3:19-20A    PS 98:5-6, 7-8, 9    2 THES 3:7-12    LK 21:5-19

Hearing today’s Scripture readings in light of recent political events in this country, it’s easy to paint them as semi-prophetic as the world around us seems to be burning and on the brink of widespread unrest. With words about the high brought low and civilization destroyed, it can seem as though these passages were written with us in mind, but to see them only as a reflection of our present circumstances is to miss the point.

Whether we stayed up late into the night watching the election returns or found out about the identity of our new President the next day, it seems as though our whole world right now is wrapped up, in expectation or fear, at the idea of what President Trump will mean at this time in our lives.

The Scriptures from today remind us just how unimportant that really is in the greater scheme of the world. Empires fall, great monuments crumble, powerful leaders fade into obscurity. There is nothing of this world which lasts forever, and so we are reminded, it’s not the success of this world we should be spending out time worrying over, but neither should be we blind to the work which needs to be done here.

Indeed, it seems as though the writers are colluding across the centuries during which they wrote to remind us to do the tasks ahead of us so that we are fed, clothed, and housed and dependent on no one except God Himself with no ambition other than to someday sit at His right hand.

As St Benedict so simply put it “Ora et Labora,” Pray and Work. Or as we might say in our time, “Keep your eye on the prize,” which is Heaven. It’s the only lasting Kingdom with the only indomitable King that we shall ever know.


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