TCC Day of Prayer and Penance – Election 2016


The editorial staff and writers at The Catholic Conspiracy invite you to join us in a Day of Prayer and Penance on Monday, November 7, in preparation for Tuesday’s Presidential election.

To say the election season has been contentious, bombastic, and argumentative would be an understatement. To say “This election is the most important election of our lifetime!” is rather frivolous – we’ll hear that same phrase in 2020 and beyond. This election, however, is important in its own right, and it must be taken seriously and soberly. Many of us have done so. And while we’re grateful the mudslinging and smearing between candidates is about to come to an end, we’re not so naive as to believe that a significant portion of their supporters will stop the name-calling, the asshattery, and the arguing in bad faith. Come Wednesday morning, half of the nation will be pissed off and upset – and when it comes to politics, there are no “gracious losers” among supporters, and none too many gracious winners, either. It might very well be true of the presidential candidates. We’ll learn soon enough.

To prepare ourselves for the election, the editorial staff at The Catholic Conspiracy has decided to keep the site silent Monday, November 7. None of the writers will be publishing any posts. Instead, we’ll be praying for our nation and its voters. We’ll be praying for the candidates, nationally and regionally. We’ll be asking God for the necessary graces that peace will hold during and after the election. We ask you to join us in whichever fashion you prefer, to offer up prayers and penance for our nation. TCC’s particular penance is to not blog tomorrow (Don’t get some romanticized, hyper-spiritualized idea that everybody at TCC will be knee-deep in an ashpile, draped in sack cloth, and flagellating ourselves with a lash, y’all. Yes, we’re Catholic, but we have families and jobs, and some of us even like Monday Night Football).

We know this is a small thing, and in the eyes of the world, an insignificant thing. But we don’t care how the world sees it. We care how God sees it. We believe in a God who can accomplish Great Things through our small things, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

Feel free to grab the button if you want – and thank you for joining us on Monday as we do our small thing. And thank you for reading The Catholic Conspiracy.

– Rebecca Frech & LarryD, co-editors


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