The TCC Weekly Field Intelligence Report, v.23.0


Welcome to v.23.0 of the Weekly Field Intelligence Report! Conspiracy Field Operatives were out in force this past week, and they snapped up some impressive intel. Not as deep as Wikileaks material, and certainly way less controversial, but definitely more inspiring and fun. Plus, we’re not holed up in some embassy somewhere (at least as far as anyone knows). Headlining this week’s collection is a piece by Alexis Walkenstein in which she recollects her experience at the Denver World Youth Day and how it crystallized her love for St Pope John Paul II and desire to evangelize.

You want cool? We got cool – such as the president of Peru consecrating the entire nation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That’s Catholic Cool right there.

You want funny? We got funny, too – 20 First World problems for toddlers, via Scary Mommy. Those of us with kids can certainly relate.

Be sure to check out all the links – great posts by great writers that will inspire, encourage, and remind you of God’s incredible love for each and every one of us. This is your weekly getaway from the crush of the world. Take a few moments and refresh yourself.

We Are One Body – Alexis Walkenstein, LexiCali

Peruvian President Consecrates Nation to Sacred Heart, Immaculate HeartCatholic News Agency
Our Relationships Matter – Shannon Evans, Blessed Is She
Why Is Adulting Suddenly So Hard? – Devra Torres, The Personalist Project
On Locks, Pick Pockets, and Super Powers – Cammie Diane Wollner, Beyond Pearls
Fitting Through the Narrow Gate: Feeding the False Self as a Sign of the Times – Judy Klein, Catholic Writers Guild
Mommy, You Look Disgusting and I’m Sorry About That! – Shelby Spear, Connecting Heart-to-Heart
‘Miracles’ by Karlo Broussard: Book Review – Matt Nelson, Reasonable Catholic
Our Hidden Illness – Nicole Steele Wooldridge, Messy Jesus Business
20 Toddler First World Problems – Clint Edwards, Scary Mommy


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