The TCC Weekly Field Intelligence Report, v.22.0


Welcome to v.22.0 of the Field Intelligence Report. Tired of the bad news, articles and comments that annoy, anger, and infuriate you? Yeah, we get annoyed by it all, too. So much so, we forgot to activate FreakyDoll last week, and thus there was no FIR last Thursday! Whoops!

Not this week, though. Kick back with your coffee or adult beverage of choice and enjoy our compilation of stories aimed to inspire, energize, uplift, and restore your faith in all that’s good, true, and beautiful. The Crapola-Reductionizer Filters are set to ‘high’ – because we remembered to turn them on this week!

I Am Not Exceptional, and So Can You – Kelly Mantoan, This Ain’t The Lyceum

Feast of Saint Luke – Patron of Beer – Jessica Kong, Pinot Noir and Prayers
The Day I Drank Poison and Developed Spidey Sense – Fr John Corrigan, Blog of a Country Priest
All Things In Moderation (Including Moderation) – Grace Patton, Camp Patton
Woman Optician Invents Eyeglasses for Down Syndrome Patients – T Brand Studio
On Dorothy Day and Radical Catholicism – Tommy Tighe,
Finding Peace Through Catholic Mindfulness – Jeff Young, Catholic Foodie
The Line Between the Tweens – Sherry Antonetti, Chocolate for Your Brain
Hospice Patients Gets Her Wish to Snuggle a Basket of Kittens – Lisa Gutierrez, Wichita Eagle
How Do You Put Big Love Into Small Things? – Erin Franco, Humble Handmaid


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