The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.20.0


Welcome to The Field Intelligence Report, v.20.0! Lots of great stuff this week, starting off with Kelly Mantoan’s hifreakinlarious 7 quick takes on how much better America and the world would be if people would simply make her queen right now. Too funny.

Plus links to an update on Catholic Hipster’s forthcoming book, a breakthrough on a long overdue food mashup, an article on the theology of sleep (more please!!!) and 10 ways to distract yourself from praying.

Still 100% Pewsitter free! It’s our guarantee and promise!

{SQT} Long Live The Queen! – Kelly Mantoan, This Ain’t The Lyceum

What Did Chesterton See in the Church? – Matt Nelson, Reasonable Catholic
An Update on The Catholic Hipster Handbook – Tommy Tighe, Catholic Hipster
On the Theology of Sleep – Karl Gustel Wärnberg, First Things
Embracing the Waves – Anna Eastland, Just East Of Crazy Land
What Christianity Taught the Romans and Greeks – Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith, Catholic Herald
Mothering and Identity Politics: Maybe It’s Not About What I Like – Rebecca Bratton Weiss, Suspended In Her Jar
Meet the Hamdog, the Hamburger Hot Dog Mashup of Your Dreams – Augusta Stotz, Simplemost
How Mary Burst Into My Life – Melanie Jean Juneau, Joy Of Nine9
10 Things to Distract Yourself From Prayer – Lis Luwia, CatholicMommyBlogs


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