“Hell Is Other People” – Or, Where Bishop Robert Barron And French Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre Intersect


Like most of you, back in either high school or college, I was assigned to read Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit.
Sartre’s works were, of course, used as a basic introduction to existentialism.
Not having spent much additional time in the study of philosophy beyond that, I for one would be hard pressed to impart even a basic working knowledge of what existentialism actually entails – beyond, that is, what I might be able to dig up after some quick Google research (which, by the way, can be a pretty effective tool of learning).
Nevertheless, if there is one take away from No Exit that we are still likely to remember it’s Sartre’s infamous, condemning observation that

“Hell” is other people

I recently ran across two different resources which, at first blush, might seem as if they would have nothing at all philosophically in common with one another.
But, bear with me, I believe that they do intersect


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