The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.17.0

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

If it’s Thursday, it’s Field Intelligence Report day! Freakydoll put the finishing touches on v.17.0 – she cranked up the Good, True & Beautiful Particle Detectors, calibrated the Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me Wave Analyzer to a reading of 0.03 (that’s about as low as you can get), and converged the Trumpification and Clintonizer Scales to a zero phase, filtering out all the election noise.

v.17.0’s headline piece is the rest of the story concerning the 12-year old Iraqi boy strapped with an explosive device, who turned himself in to authorities. It’s compelling to say the least. Freakydoll strolled the literary path somewhat, with a post covering three book reviews, an essay from esteemed author John C Wright on the state of sci-fi in the 21st century, and a new Dr Who cookbook. Allonsy!! And be sure to check out the new on-line group for moms, The Zelie Group. Plus a whole lot more to inform and inspire!

Teenage Suicide Bomber: The Story the Media Didn’t Show you – Erin Wilson, Preemptive Love Coalition

One Minute Reviews of Perfect Blindside, Iota, Lord of the World – Sarah Reinhard, Snoring Scholar
How the Catholic Church Documented Mother Teresa’s 2 Miracles – Tom Gjelten, NPR
Detachment – Letting God Be All We Need – Jeannie Ewing, Catholic Exchange
Introducing The Zelie Group and JEI (Just Enough Info)! – Kirby, Under Thy Roof
Always Use the Rainfly: A Cautionary Tale – Jenny Evans, Unremarkable Files
Twins Conjoined at Birth Prepare to Start SchoolBBC News
Wise Words on Wednesday: Rest AwhileRestless Pilgrim
An Observation on the State of Science Fiction in the Third Millennium – John C Wright, John C Wright’s Journal
The Official Doctor Who Cookbook – Lori Dorn, Laughing Squid


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