From The Shadows Back To Light


Sometimes, We Just Need To Reach Back Out To The Light
As darkness consumes the evening,
And shadows enter their final throes,
My voice has betrayed me –
Or is it that you no longer hear it?
I’ve chased answers, but gathered only more questions.
If there were lessons to be learned,
They’ve all been wasted.
Yes, our wills have clashed,
And each time I declared victory.
Then surrounded myself with rotting treasures,
Convinced that I’d won.
But as I stand here now,
Shaken by my brokenness,
Paralyzed by my fears,
I see how far I am from knowing you,
What will it take for our convergence?
What steps must I trace to reach you?
Is it enough if I remain here,
And wait for you, in my loneliness,
In this darkness?
No, that can’t be


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