The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.15.0

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

You’ve found v.15.0 of TCC’s Field Intelligence Report! We suggested FreakyDoll take the week off because she’s been working her assimilator off – maybe reboot her systems, or download an upgrade or two. No doing – she’s that dedicated. She processed scads of posts (scads is the technical term, btw) through her Dreck and Noise Sifter, resulting in this week’s links list. Great stuff, as usual, headlining with a passionate piece on freedom from Passionate Perseverance. A couple fun videos – including one of a TARDIS-themed bathroom that truly is bigger on the inside. And don’t let summer slip away without seeing Simcha Fisher’s list of 10 family fun ideas, and jamming in as many as possible before September shows up at your door. Happy reading!

Freedom…It’s What God Wants for ALL of Us – Mary Lenaburg, Passionate Perseverance

5 Steps to a Do-It-Yourself Retreat – Sr Theresa Aletheia Noble, Aleteia
Wit and Wisdom: On Being Content – Elizabeth Reardon, Theology Is A Verb
10 Last Hurrahs Before Summer Is Over – Simcha Fisher, National Catholic Register
Oh, Give Him a Medal Anyway – Proud To Be A Tongan, Youtube
The Spirituality and Miracles of St Clare – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire
5 Years of Wedded Bliss: What I’ve Learned – Lance Rosen, The Silversmith Collective
Is God Hidden? – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
11 Unforgettable Olympic Moments That Will Truly Inspire You – Chloe Mooradian, epicPew
The TARDIS at the Way Station – Golden Thrones, YouTube

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