The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.14.0

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

It’s Thursday, which means Isabella Mata, aka ‘Freakydoll’, has completed collecting and collating ten links from around the Catholic blogosphere, designed to help you decompress and take the edge off. This week, she modulated the frequency of her Fun Finder, and reversed the polarity on her Engaging Entertain-o-meter, and located some cool stuff. There are 3 podcasts to listen to and several thoughtful posts to peruse. 100% guaranteed not to increase your ire or outsize your outrage. Who has time for that, anyway? Besides, it’s summer! It’s time to slow down, grab your fave adult beverage, listen to Catholic Drinkie’s headlining podcast, and relax. It’s all good here.

Episode 6: The Catching Foxes Bump – Sarah Vabulus, The Catholic Drinkie

The Demands on Our Soul – Jerome Kiley, A Living Monstrance
Episode 31: Time to Get Uncomfortable – Sterling Jaquith, Coffee and Pearls Podcast
Les Misérables and the Church Militant – Erin Cain, Ignitum Today
Find Tranquility and Spirituality in the Midst of Noise – Jeannie Ewing, Love Alone Creates
The Gift of Love and Knowledge – Tony Agnesi, Finding God’s Grace
Wash Day Wonders and Red Beans and Rice – Jeff Young, The Catholic Foodie
What This John Cusack Movie Taught Me About Fate and Freewill – Tod Worner, A Catholic Thinker
If God Is Good – Lisa Qualls, Thankful Moms
Poem: Here I Am, Lord, Ready – Mary Harwell Sayler, Catholic Lane


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