The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.13.0

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

Time to reveal the results of Freakydoll’s Innerwebz incursion. No unlucky v.13.0 here – this is all good stuff. She’s uncovered the weird and the wonderful, the fun and the faith-filled. This is your escape from the Every Moment, to enjoy an article you might have overlooked or to be encouraged by a story you may have missed. And yes – she snagged a cat video! And a baby rhino video, too! Even Freakydoll gets seduced by Serious Cuteness on occasion. Headlining this week’s list is a cool review of the show “Vikings” by Bishop Robert Barron. Grab your coffee or cup of tea (or fave adult beverage – after all, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere), settle in somewhere comfortable, and let Isabella Mata’s interesting Internet inspirations enervate and energize you!

3 Reasons Why “Vikings” Is the Most Religiously Interesting Show on TV – Bp Robert Barron Word On Fire

New Video on How to Tell if Your Cat is Catholic – Christina Nagy, Catholic Conundrum
The Key to Holiness – Bethie Marie McCarthy, Catholic Light
Patron Saint of Missing Socks, Pray For Us – Melanie June Juneau, Catholic Stand
Pulp Catholicism #180 – Eegahinc, The B-Movie Catechism
Who Are You in Prayer? – Fr. Philip Neri Powell, Domine, da mihi hanq aquam!
The Habits of Faith and Problem Solving – Ben, 2 Catholic Men and a Blog
Pier Giorgio Frassati: A Role Model for the Ages – Marzena Wilkanowicz-Devoud, For Her
Orphan Rhino Giving Kisses – ViralHog, YouTube
5 Bands You Need to See Live – Alyssa Lehto, Catholic Beer Club


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