Willing to Pass It On


Of course I’d heard of organ donation, but it stopped being theory and became personally real when my husband’s aunt received a new liver in December of 1999. Seeing how this new, healthy organ changed her life made organ donation not something I “might be okay with” to something that I wanted to definitely happen if it was possible. (In reality I plan to live so long that nobody would want my bits and pieces, but I know that we aren’t always in charge of what happens in life.)
I made sure my husband knew that I would want “everything usable” to be harvested – heart, lungs, intestines, eyes, kidneys, liver, anything that someone else needed and could use , they were welcome to take as long as they made sure I was dead first.
Then two years ago, I met a woman whose story made me rethink my statement of “everything usable” – I met a woman who had gotten new hands

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