Lesson Plans and Planning for Weakness


I’m sitting here with dye in my hair and moisturizer on my face looking through the homeschool websites and curriculum lists that in February I swore were a part of my past. I’ve got 35 minuted until I have to rinse out the goo on my head to figure out what we’re doing for Algebra II this year.
And I keep wondering how the heck I’m here again, and swearing for the 15th year in a row that this year will work out a little better. This will be the miraculous year where I finally make a lesson plan that we stick to, the year we will be as organized as people assume we must be, and the year that I recognize my Seasonal Affective blah blah blah enough to schedule nothing for late Jan-February.
I’m a girl who needs the sunlight to function, which means that the dead of winter makes me want nothing so much as to curl up in bed and hibernate until the Spring finally arrives


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