The Weekly TCC Field Intelligence Report, v.11.0

Catholic Conspiracy Field Intelligence Report

Isabella Mata’s finely tuned Trending Trendometer didn’t need much tuning to register that Pokemon GO was the diversion hotness this past week. So in that spirit, FreakyDoll cross-calibrated the Digression Detector with her Amusement Alert System and rounded up ten interesting and capricious links. She headlines with the importance of staring out the window (without searching for rascally Raticates or elusive Emboars, by the way!), and follows up with Harry Connick, instructions on building a Star Wars Speeder Bike rocking horse, and several refreshing, relaxing reads – like hammock camping. She even sneaked in a Pokemon meme. And for out-of-this-world fun, listen to General Grievous sing “I Am A Modern Major General”.

Go ahead – be diverted. Recharge your batteries. You’ll be glad you did.

The Importance of Staring Out the Window The School of Life

Six Degrees of Music SeparationWhoSampled
Pokemon GO Takes Its Toll on Our Canine Friends – Scott Beale,
Dad Builds a Custom Rocking Horse Star Wars Speeder Bike for Daughter’s 1st BirthdayIndestructibles
How Harry Connick Jr Got His Clapping Audience Back on Beat – Mala2335, YouTube
The Benefits of Hammock Camping – AoM Team, The Art of Manliness
7 Books and 7 Drinks to Sip Through SummerAleteia
Shocking New Role Found for the Immune System: Controlling Social InteractionScience Daily
Modern Major General Grievous – ThePhantomChick, Youtube
Someone Has Taken David Cameron’s Humming and Turned it Into a Cello/Piano Fantasy – Daniel Ross, ClassicFM


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