Protestants and Catholics: Christians Separated By A Common Language


Dealing with ecumenical matters as I do on a daily basis, I frequently find myself in the position of being a protocol droid, having to be fluent in six million forms of religious communication.  That’s part of the greatness of The Coming Home Network– just when you think you’ve heard an interesting backstory, another comes along and reminds you just how exciting- and varied- the path to conversion can be.
At any rate, to illustrate some of the challenges, and to assist those in difficulty, I recently posted over at EpicPew some terms that can cause confusion in protestant-Catholic dialogue.  For instance, there are those terms which mean different things to Protestants than they do to Catholics:

Protestant: Being devout, pious or showing reverence to God. Sometimes this term is used derogatorily to criticize those who seem to favor adherence to rules over a personal relationship with Jesus


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