Adrift In the Storm

Stormy Sea Jesus Catholic

Last week, our landlady abruptly announced that instead of renewing our lease as agreed, she had decided to sell our house of five years. We were unexpectedly thrown into the tumult of moving. As we searched for a home which would fit the unique needs of our family, it is not easy to find a wheelchair-friendly house that is also big family and homeschool friendly. We’ve looked off and on for the past two years, not finding anything suitable and in our price-range.
We were amazingly calm for generally emotional people

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I’m the 40-something-ish wife of my beloved Computer Guy.

I’m the adoring and incredibly proud mom of nine children…two saints…seven in training.

I’m my brothers’ sister and my parents’ daughter.

I’m a devout Catholic, an avid political junkie, able debater, aspiring home-maker, amazing friend, and I make the meanest Chicken Fried Steak you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating.

I’m a homeschooling guru, a writing addict, a sometimes public-speaker, and an advocate for staying true to the person God created you to be.

I can’t live in a house with white walls, sing Billy Joel songs while I wash the dishes, will read anything you put in my hands, and am completely obsessed with rhinestones and cute shoes.

I am just like moms the whole world over, and then some.